Retaining Working Forests: Eastern North Carolina

TIMO Report Triptych North Carolina

Retaining Working Forests: Eastern North Carolina studies the 33-county coastal North Carolina region—one of 11 priority areas in the Southeast where there are innovative opportunities for landscape-scale working forest conservation.


Retaining Working Forests: Eastern NC

Retaining Working Forests NC

OSI’s report considers the economic opportunities and challenges facing North Carolina’s largest forestland owners, with a focus on timber investment management organizations and real estate investment trusts, the managers of large real estate holdings for investors.


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1 TIMO Report NC Study Area Map North Carolina
Seven companies own 1.1 million acres of forestland, representing an estimated $1.5 billion investment. We created maps of these lands and mapped the public resource values.




Understanding the Context

6 TIMO Report Core Working Forest Area MapThe Core Working Forest Areas map brochure highlights areas that serve as critical anchors in the Southeast with excellent tree-growing conditions and development pressures for housing.